Best CDs of the 2010s … so far

The Beyonce/Kanye/Beck hullaballoo at the Grammys got me thinking. With much respect to Beck (more so for his early work than his recent work), I think “Beyonce” was far and away the best of the nominees for “Best Album.” And, sure, Kanye’s a knucklehead, but he makes great albums. Halfway through the 2010s, here’s how I rank the best of pop music.

1. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Kanye West (2010)

2. “Beyonce” by Beyonce (2013)

3. “Songs of Innocence” by U2 (2014)

4. “Somewhere Else” by Lydia Loveless (2014)

5. “Stone Rollin’ “ by Raphael Saadiq (2011)

6. “Pushin’ Against a Stone” by Valerie June (2013)

7. “Fossils” by Aoife O’Donovan (2013)

8. “The Civil Wars” by the Civil Wars (2013)

9. “Landing on a Hundred” by Cody Chesnutt (2012)

10. “Channel Orange” by Frank Ocean (2012)

HM: “The King of In Between” by Garland Jeffreys (2011), “The Whole Love” by Wilco (2011), “Sun Midnight Sun” by Sara Watkins (2012) and “Archandroid” by Janelle Monae (2010)


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